Catholic Church Will Balance Mission, Claims

Re "Church in Murky Waters," Editorials, Dec. 3:

The long view recommended by The Times overlooks the importance of what we are doing here and now.

The stories from the Boston Archdiocese dishearten and anger all of us. That view should not overlook what is being done here and now in the Diocese of Orange. Nor should the intent of the statement signed by Bishop Tod Brown and me be interpreted by the actions of Boston.

We made a commitment to the Roman Catholic community in Orange County to be transparent in the leadership and administration of the Diocese of Orange. The statement we signed and published regarding the potential effect of SB 1779 is part of that pledge.

We want to assure the Catholic community in Orange of our commitment to balance the abiding mission of the church and the legitimate claims of victims as we justly respond to the current crisis in the church.

The goods and resources of the church are for the spiritual, educational, social and charitable work of the church, including the healing and reconciliation required by the times we now face.

Catholic tradition is no stranger to long views. We look back to the Bedouin tents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, still stand in the shadow of Calvary and look longingly to a horizon that is beyond our wildest imaginings. For us this gaze is mutual, the patriarchs fix their eyes on this generation, future generations lean with expectation on the present moment, and a crucified God casts his eyes upon what we do here and now.

Jaime Soto

Auxiliary bishop,

Diocese of Orange

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