SUVs Aren’t the Only Overconsumers of Fuel

It’s starting to get more than a little annoying listening to all of the attacks on SUVs. From Bill Maher to Arianna Huffington (Commentary, Jan. 9), the SUV has become the sole target of the left as it relates to overconsumption of fossil fuels. No one ever makes mention that power boats consume extraordinary amounts of unnecessary fuel. If Jesus were a sailor would he have a sailboat? How about private jets and helicopters? How about large homes?

In the Northeast you have to heat homes during the winter whether you use them or not. Does Hillary Clinton (an empty nester) really need two mansions? Does Barbra Streisand really need multiple mansions? Do the Hollywood elite really need those second homes in Aspen and the Vineyard?

The wealthy liberal elite are all overconsumers of fossil fuels in some way or another. The only outlet Joe Six-Pack has to get in on a little overconsumption is to buy and drive an SUV. We should not exempt those casting stones. Who among them would be willing to give up their first-class seat in the name of better airline fuel efficiency?

By the way, I drive a Mini Cooper. I just don’t like the way SUVs handle.


Steve Walde

Pleasanton, Calif.