It’s Bush-Hussein II, Another Bad Sequel


Re “Bush Chastises Allies for Trying to Give Iraq Time,” Jan. 22: President Bush’s comment that Iraq’s slow movement to disarm is like a “rerun of a bad movie” would better describe his own presidency. Bush II is no better than Bush I: insensitivity to the economic situation of the average American, growing a large budget deficit, tangling with Saddam Hussein, plundering the resources of America without substantial regard for the impact on the environment. We can only hope that the sequel is like the original in that it is only a one-term presidency.

Larry Ogilvie



Antiwar protesters who claim that the Bush administration should back off and let U.N. weapons inspectors do their jobs ignore two obvious facts. One, without the administration’s threats there would be no weapons inspectors in Iraq. Two, the second the administration backs off they will be there no more.

I’m tired of hearing them call for the administration to listen to the will of the people. That’s what it’s doing. Poll after poll shows that the majority in this country support Bush’s actions.


Daniel Dow



It appears that the multitudes around the world demanding peace have driven those in the Bush administration mad. They are acting like rabid dogs blood-lusting for a fight. I have never seen an administration so bent on war when peace is the only sane course to take.

George Dobosh

Sierra Madre


I am sad to see thousands of U.S. troops being shipped to the Persian Gulf for the impending war with Iraq. Very depressing. To boost American morale I suggest sending Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to spearhead the assault into Baghdad. Voila!

Peter Jansz