The Rights of Embryos vs. Need for Abortions

Thank you, Forrest G. Wood (letter, Jan. 23), for explaining when a new life begins: "Conception occurs when two gametes [an ovum and a sperm] form a zygote." His explanation of the microscopic zygote traveling through the Fallopian tube certainly shows a new individual life has been created. Human zygotes may not be "babies," but they and embryos certainly are new lives deserving the right to life. Antiabortionists are not imposing "their superstitions." We are merely using facts for our argument.

Mario Michael Martini

Pacific Palisades


There seems to be much misunderstanding about Roe vs. Wade. Women have always had abortions. No one is going to force a woman to have one. It is always a choice. What Roe vs. Wade does is recognize this, so that if the woman feels she needs one, it can be done legally, with medical safety, under skilled and sanitary conditions.

Elsa Hodge


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