As Inspectors Search, Are We Nearing High Noon?

Re "Evidence to Justify War Is Plentiful," Commentary, Jan. 28: It's obvious that Mansoor Ijaz and Tim Treman are not lawyers or even good storytellers, for that matter. What they consider to be "clear evidence" reads like nothing more than a barely intelligible jumble. First of all, an ingredient that can be used to make "rocket propellant" is not a weapon of mass destruction, nor is a titanium pump. The rest of their piece about someone purported to be peripherally involved with Al Qaeda adds up to nothing more than possible guilt by being in the same country.

If this is the best the hawks can do, it certainly does not warrant risking the life of one American service person.

Thomas Haskin

La Mesa


The U.N. inspectors told us that the Iraqis have increased the range capability of their missiles to 110 miles (" 'Damning Portrait' of Arms Programs," Jan. 28). That's 20 miles farther than in 1998. With a 20-mile increase every five years, in 1,470 more years, Iraq will present a clear and present danger to the United States.

Ritas Smith



Re "Tell Us Why War Is Needed," editorial, Jan. 26: If you think the enemy is planning to acquire weapons of mass destruction should you let him do it? Can you trust him? Why does he need them? If he has broken the agreement he made at the end of the Gulf War, what makes you think he'll suddenly turn into a good person now?

If we wait and he does acquire said weapons and decides to make another run at Kuwait, what will we do? Let him have it, and Saudi Arabia too?

Robert S. Rodgers

Culver City


I am very disturbed to hear the Iraq debate go on without voices raising the issue that most concerns me, the killing of countless innocent Iraqis that is unavoidable in the event of war. Two thousand years ago, the man who inspired the Christian religion asked, "What profiteth a man if he gains the world and loses his soul?" Is this still not the question we should all ask?

How can the soul of America survive committing the very sin that Saddam Hussein committed: the mass murder of the Iraqi people?

Don Mac Brown

Studio City


We should all be thankful that the liberals are not in control of our federal government at this critical moment in history.

Ray Ackerman

Los Angeles


Instead of a war, how about a "High Noon" shoot-out between Bush and Saddam?

Winner gets to keep his job!

Dave Fish

Corona del Mar

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