Portrait of military

DURING these troubled times when the media are little more than the propaganda arm of the administration, it took courage for Howard Rosenberg to point out how easily those who aren’t paying too close attention are being manipulated in the name of entertainment (“World Mayhem as a Hollywood Production,” Feb. 24).

I imagine he was all but buried under a barrage of callow vituperation from those who equate patriotism with fealty to a leader, however addled.

So many forget that those ever-waving flags also drape nicely over coffins, and that following the whims of dictators and megalomaniacs can easily fill those coffins no matter where one happens to do the waving.

Craig N. Simmons


Granada Hills


IT is unfortunate that Howard Rosenberg felt compelled to be so negative about “Profiles From the Front Line” in the first part of his column before finally acknowledging what sounds like a very interesting and newsworthy show.

Certainly this “reality TV” experience is a lot more “real” and informative than the rest of the blather on television. If this was a very negative portrait of military operations, I am sure that Rosenberg would not have any trouble lauding it as a valuable “documentary.” However, since it gives a positive look at our armed forces personnel, he had to pile on all the negatives like worshipful, implicit control, full cooperation etc.


Roy Glickman

Sherman Oaks


IF only it were as simple as good TV and a shameless method to garner ratings, as Rosenberg notes, but the sad fact is that producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Co. are patsies for the War Hawks, and ABC can no longer be counted on to provide fair and impartial coverage of the news. And so it goes in recent months with the New Yorker as well, and countless other news desks and agencies across the country.

What shall we say of this trend? Is it patriotism brought on by these uncertain times?

Probably, but it is also the status quo corporate ownership banding together to protect their own accumulated interests as they see a real and growing opposition to their beleaguered notions of entitlement and world order.

It is carefully calculated propaganda for a war that has been going on for decades against the people of many nations, including our own, and it is trying to enter a new phase put forth not just with the help of ABC but by the Pentagon and the Defense Department and all those under that creative umbrella who have a vested interest in controlling that region.

Watch out, world: If you see ABC’s news vans roll up, the tanks probably aren’t far behind.


Paul McConnell

Los Angeles