Hydrogen Plan a Waste of Energy

“GM Takes a Radical Turn With Its Hy-Wire Hydrogen-Powered Car” (Feb. 19) answered all my questions, except one: Where is the hydrogen going to come from?

Green Car Journal Publisher Ron Cogan’s remark that “it all depends on the fuel industry getting there on time” points out the problem.

Practical quantities of hydrogen gas could come only from electrolysis, using electricity as the energy source. Has anyone thought about how much electricity it would take to shift our national locomotive power source from gasoline? New electricity-generating plants would be necessary to get these cars moving in significant numbers.

I’m baffled by GM canceling its battery-electric car program. Storing electrical energy as hydrogen requires four times the energy -- and a completely new distribution system -- as storing the same electrical energy in on-board batteries.


Gil Dawson

Los Angeles