Men Need to Take Sexual Responsibility

Re "Investigator Says Blake Made Threat," Feb. 27: I don't understand men who don't want children, have unprotected sex and then accuse women of double-dealing when they end up pregnant. If indeed it is Robert Blake's voice on the tape- recorded phone conversation, and he was truly "terrified" that Bonny Lee Bakley would deliberately get pregnant, why didn't he take personal responsibility to ensure that didn't happen?

It's astonishing how selfish some men can be by refusing to wear condoms or have vasectomies, then proceeding without shame to destroy an innocent life -- either by pressuring the woman to have an abortion or by subjecting the child to a lifetime of suffering, caught between warring parents or, worse yet, with one dead and another in jail. What makes these men behave so selfishly?

Stacey Rain Strickler

Silver Lake

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