Getting Down to Budget Basics

One need not even read “GOP Offers Rival Budget Plan” (Feb. 27) to discern the plan. It’s always the same old plans from the same old parties. They are summed up as follows: Democrats: tax and spend. Republicans: borrow and spend. You can see for yourself, there is a major difference in approach!

Oh, that we had new thinking within the state. After the lottery (a period followed by severe cash crunches), the schools found it necessary to raise their own funding -- candy, candles, knickknacks, junk -- to make up for shortfalls. Can’t we just put state legislators in knee britches and send them out peddling door to door to the other states? They could really bring home the bacon, and they would look cute to boot!

Sam Evans




The budget impasse is not the fault of either political party but rather the problem of having to arrive at the absurd two-thirds super-majority.

If someone were to begin a petition for an initiative that read, “Budgets will require a simple majority to be passed by the state Legislature,” I’d be the first in line to sign it.

Ron Garber