Live Organ Donor Shares the Gift of Life

Usually I disagree with Michael Ramirez's point of view, but his Feb. 27 editorial cartoon was an exception. As a live organ donor who had the privilege of saving a stranger's life through the donation of my kidney, I have seen the impact of donations not only on the recipient but on the lives of the recipient's family members. It is difficult to imagine what it means to save a life, let alone have the life of someone you love be saved, unless you have gone through such a profound experience.

The gentleman whose life I saved has created a foundation to educate the public about what it takes to be a live organ donor, to encourage people to designate their organs to be donated upon their death and to provide financial assistance to those who choose to become live donors. If anyone would like more information about this foundation they should e-mail Michael Jones, my kidney recipient, at onemiracle

Patricia Noor Abdullah

Los Angeles

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