Legislation Targets Cruise Ship Pollution

Re “Cut Cruise Ship Pollution,” editorial, March 2: In addition to Assemblyman George Nakano’s (D-Torrance) AB 906, a bill to cut cruise ship pollution in marine sanctuaries, two new bills (AB 121, AB 471) introduced by Assemblyman Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) extend coastal protection by prohibiting cruise dumping in all state waters and reducing air pollution from ship smokestacks.

Besides discharging all sewage and most wastewater overboard, cruise ships generate more air pollution than 12,000 cars in a single port visit. The Simitian air bill would require use of cleaner fuels and air pollution controls in state waters.

All three bills are needed to stop luxury cruise lines from fouling our coastal waters and blues skies in the name of profits.

Teri Shore


Bluewater Network

San Francisco