Southland Students Rally Against War

Re "Thousands of Students Join Antiwar Rallies," March 6: The students and professors who shunned higher education to protest waging war on Iraq clearly demonstrated faulty logic. How pathetic is it to not only choose ignorance over education but celebrate said decision as being high-minded?

Scott Tucker

Monterey Park


Have we taken leave of our senses and our pens and our ability to speak? Our president achieved office with the votes of less than 50% of those who voted. How many of us does he really represent? Why are we trusting his judgment? He is well known for his lack of knowledge of the rest of the world. Yet, in spite of his lack of knowledge and experience, he is taking us down a road exceedingly fraught with danger, not only to us, but to the rest of the world.

It is time for us to use our voices and our pens, and our computers, to let him and Congress know that they must prevent this world catastrophe in the making.

Let there be no war!

Robert S. Ellison



Protesters who think that avoiding a war with Iraq equates with peace are fooling themselves. Saddam Hussein (and dictators everywhere) flout the values of peace, democracy and personal security. The moral question we need to answer as a nation is: At what point, if any, do we get involved in liberating people from such tyrants?

Bryan Stone

Los Angeles


Toni Smith protests on the basketball court by turning away from the American flag (Sports, Feb. 28). State lawmaker Lois McMahan protests in the Washington House of Representatives by refusing to attend a Muslim-led prayer (March 5). In other parts of the world, people would kill Smith and McMahan because of their opinions. In America, we welcome diverse opinions. Yes, we will have passionate disagreements over policy and issues. But America will endure and grow as long as we cherish our common freedoms.

Raymond Tam

Temple City

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