Two, Four, Six, Eight -- Arbitrate

Re "Cheerleading Dispute Is No Game in Antelope Valley" (March 11), on the latest "pompom-gate" at Quartz Hill High, I have this to say:

Give me a B-R-E-A-K! I'm sorry to report that this will be the first of many disappointments in young Kelly Smith's life. I wonder if these girls and their mothers have discussed whether it's wise to attack Iraq now or whether we should concentrate on Al Qaeda first. Lighten up, folks. As odd as this sounds, there are more pressing matters.

David Perez



There are not enough words to express my dismay at the pitiful situation that is unfolding in Antelope Valley in regard to the poor young woman whose life is shattered due to her not making the cheerleading squad.

Her only hope lies with the most powerful body on the planet for providing expert arbitration in life-threatening situations such as this. Only this esteemed body is up to the task and has the properly trained field inspectors to get to the bottom of this heart-wrenching matter. Let's all hope and pray that the U.N. will have time to put this at the very top of its tasks. If not, then it's back to dance school -- left, right, spin, push, push, push, scoot....

Paul Florance

Seal Beach

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