For War Holdouts, Global Politics May Outweigh Cash

"Key to France, Russia Position on Iraq: Cash" (James Flanigan, March 9) claims that the opposition of Russia and France to a U.S. war on Iraq is based primarily on money, and that these two countries are shortsighted for not recognizing the economic benefits in which they would share during the rebuilding of Iraq.

Perhaps despite recognizing that these benefits might outweigh the existing debt (in the case of Russia) and the business ties (in the case of France), they feel that geopolitical concerns are in fact paramount.

Michael Horstein



Russia and France are not the lovers of peace they profess to be, when in fact they both vitally depend on Iraqi oil and business connections to survive. What hypocrites.

No one in the U.S. wants this war, but Saddam Hussein must be stopped.

Marilyn Prine

San Diego

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