Health System Reform Is Long Overdue

In his propaganda piece (letter, March 10), Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson talks about a meaningful discount on drugs. The pharmaceutical companies promise to cut 10% to 15% from the prices of grossly overpriced drugs, costing in this country about two to three times as much as they do in Canada and in the Western European countries.

This is definitely not a meaningful improvement over the current situation (only a good argument for future elections) and will not solve the problem of lack of coverage for Medicare recipients.

Marcel Gawartin

Los Angeles


My wife, Donna, has had epilepsy since she was 14; because we were self-employed no one would sell us health protection. Donna had a massive stroke; our immoral health-care system turned my wife from a warm, compassionate person to a vegetable. Health care for all Americans.

Robert Smith

El Cajon

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