An American Activist Falls Into Harm's Way

Re "Israeli Bulldozer Crushes U.S. Activist to Death," March 17: Rachel Corrie's death is tragic, not because of how she died but because a young life was cut short. She stood in front of a house of a terrorist supporter. She fell and was unseen by the bulldozer destroying a house (property). The terrible accident followed.

But where are the human shields who should be standing by the markets and bus stops in Israel protecting innocent Israelis who are killed or maimed by the hundreds by Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad? Israeli retaliation, after horrific murders of innocent civilians, is destruction of property. Israelis are entitled to live in safety and not have an ongoing fear of death by Palestinian terrorists.

Rabbi Arnold Stiebel

Woodland Hills


Running a woman over with an army bulldozer and bulldozing homes are acts of terrorism. There are no other words for it. To call Corrie's death a "regrettable accident," as the Israeli army has, is a little like a bank robber saying that robbing a bank is a financial transaction. Corrie, a woman of true grit, is my hero.

Christopher Schaefer

Long Beach


I was horrified to see the photo of an unarmed American girl about to be killed by an Israeli bulldozer. This was a peaceful demonstrator, just like the man who stood in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square. The Israeli army had the gall to call this an "accident." On the contrary, it was a deliberate act done in broad daylight.

Where is the outrage from our government at this odious murder? Where is the apology from Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon? The only crisis in the Middle East is in the Palestinian territories, where unarmed civilians, including children, are being killed and maimed and left homeless every day. Will this latest atrocity change our government's neglect of this crisis? Don't bet on it!

Pat Barry

Laguna Woods

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