War briefing: latest strikes and developments

Los Angeles Times

Iraqi forces killed as many as 17 U.S. soldiers and took at least five prisoners Sunday as U.S.-led forces encountered fierce resistance. Early today, American forces traded heavy artillery fire with Iraq’s Republican Guard, apparently for the first time, and struck the capital from the air for the fifth straight night.

Officials and fighters in Iraq took heart from U.S. and British setbacks and asserted that Iraq would prevail, even as some U.S. forces pushed to within 100 miles of Baghdad.

Soldiers who survived a grenade attack at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait said the 101st Airborne Division soldier accused in the assault is a Muslim who made anti-American statements after he was apprehended. One branded him a coward.

Casualties Totals (as of 5 p.m. Pacific time Sunday) U.S. Britain Iraq* Killed 18 16 70 Missing 12 2 Unknown *about 2,000 held as POWs


Other casualties * Two journalists, one British and one Australian, are killed. Two other British journalists are missing.

U.S. and British deaths

Killed When Where Circumstances 8 British Friday Kuwait Helicopter crash 4 American

2 American Friday Southern Iraq In combat

1 American Saturday Persian Gulf Helicopter collision 6 British

1 American Saturday Kuwait Camp grenade attack

1 American Sunday Kuwait Vehicle accident

9 American Sunday Nasiriyah Fake surrender


2 British Sunday Kuwait Jet down in friendly fire

* Sources: Times wire reports - Researched by Times graphics reporters Tom Reinkin and Daryl Strickland