Arctic Drilling Plan Is Rejected by the Senate

I am astounded at the gall of White House spokesperson Claire Buchan when she states, about the Senate rejection of oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (March 20), that it is "unfortunate that the Senate missed an opportunity to increase our energy independence at a time when that's critically important." I think the White House has missed the opportunity to increase our energy independence by not supporting more alternative fuel options and increased gas efficiency in vehicles and by making it clear that it supports an oil platform over any other viable energy alternatives.

If the White House were so set on energy independence, its record on those very issues would look much different and we might not be in conflict with oil-rich Iraq at this moment. But I guess we should expect no less from a president and vice president who come from oil money.

Dorrit Ragosine

Los Angeles


It's interesting to note that Republican senators had a helping hand in defeating efforts to drill in ANWR. I imagine logic told them ANWR is a drop in the oil barrel compared with the world's second-largest reserve of crude that we will soon command in Iraq.

Ken Johnson

Pinon Hills


Deja vu. We have a Bush in the White House, deficits are roaring, the economy is in the tank and we are dropping bombs in Iraq. Just as his daddy did, George W. will eventually address this country and state that we have accomplished our military objectives in Iraq (for real this time).

However, we the people will be paying dearly for the oil sure to come our way. While the price at the pump may come down, that won't reflect the actual cost of human lives and the untold billions of tax dollars it will take to sustain our indirect hold on the oil fields for years to come. So how much will that gallon really cost us and our children -- $10, $20, $30 per gallon? We will never be told.

Tim Pfeifer

Long Beach


I was talking to a friend of mine in South Carolina the other day. I asked, "What's the price of gas?"; $1.43 for a gallon of premium unleaded was her answer. Why is there roughly a dollar difference in the price of gas between here and South Carolina? Looks like we're being price-gouged by the oil companies in an unprecedented way. And now with the war in Iraq, what do you think will happen? War profiteering!

I welcome Gov. Gray Davis' investigation (Business, March 14) into the price of gas. The oil companies cannot justify the price with the excuses I've heard.

Brad Upton

North Hollywood

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