Milosevic’s Wife Sought in Slaying

From Associated Press

There are “credible suspicions” that the wife of former President Slobodan Milosevic was involved in the slaying of her husband’s predecessor, and she must return from Russia immediately for questioning, Serbian authorities said Saturday.

Police came to suspect involvement by Mirjana Markovic in the 2000 killing of former Serbian President Ivan Stambolic while they were investigating the March 12 assassination of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic.

An order to detain Markovic for questioning was issued Friday, shortly after police found the remains of Stambolic, a Milosevic foe who led Serbia during the Communist era.

Police learned that she left the country Feb. 23 and is in the Russian Federation, an interior ministry statement said.


Authorities informed Markovic’s lawyers that an international warrant will be issued unless she returns immediately.

The discovery of Stambolic’s body, shot twice and thrown into a lime pit, came as police rounded up thousands while investigating Djindjic’s slaying.