U.S. Democracy -- Use It or Lose It

Re “When It Comes to Democracy, Do as We Say, Not as We Do,” Commentary, April 30: Democracy on the wane in America is the message that John Balzar sends, quite accurately. Balzar comments on Grover Norquist and Norquist’s quote, “I hope a state goes bankrupt,” which is about as un-American a statement as can be made. I never hear comments of social responsibility by the greed hounds.

When did we become so utterly selfish as a nation? What is to become of us if, in our White House, a man and his friends treat us and rule us as a peasant class, making us beggars in our own land? Outright lies and Madison Avenue-type distortions of the truth seem to be the hallmark of this administration. Some plain talk is in order. As Balzar said, “Precious thing, democracy.” Hey, folks, we’re losing it. Wake up, America.

Gene Geary

Garden Grove



Democracy is a government by consent of the people. The only way to preserve it is to participate in it. Using the rate of voter turnout in municipal elections as a standard, our democracy is 90% dead.

Stephanie Llewellyn