Vincent Moves Left on Gay Rights

Re “ ‘Gay Case’ Should Worry Straights Too,” Commentary, May 1: So Norah Vincent is spouting a liberal’s point of view when it comes to gay rights in the bedroom. Her views are curious and disturbing, since most of her previous columns are so conservative. Could it be possible that Vincent has an open mind on gay sex because she is openly gay and this conservative Republican campaign might affect her life? If Vincent had to fight in Iraq would she have opposed the war? If she were poor would she oppose conservative tax cuts for the wealthy? If Vincent were black would she favor affirmative action? Norah, can you say “hypocrite”?

Nick Paccione

Long Beach



How strange that conservative apologist Vincent would come to the defense of freedom and justice. She has persistently criticized resistance to President Bush’s ironfisted tactics to push the country to the right. Now that our leaders are acting more like ayatollahs for Christ, she’s getting uncomfortable. But this time she is right. There is plenty more to worry about with this administration and the direction it is taking this country. There were Jews who never thought Hitler would go as far as he did.

Frederick Cleveland