Comparing Avril and Britney

I think Robert Hilburn is giving Avril Lavigne a back-handed glowing review (“No Bare Midriff and No Glow Sticks,” May 3). Comparing her to Britney Spears is to condemn with faint praise. That’s like comparing the Beatles with the 1910 Fruit Gum Company.

Alan Sandoval

Costa Mesa



Hilburn refers to Avril as the “anti-Britney,” as if Britney Spears was a bad thing. Remember, Britney sold about 10 times more albums than Avril. To me, that makes Britney a very credible act. Hilburn may not like Britney, but she is much more popular, her shows are more entertaining and she is much more interesting than Avril, who sounds just like everyone else.

Yes, Britney sells glow sticks at her concerts -- because the audience loves glow sticks and Britney’s smart to capitalize on that. That’s called “business.”

Deborah Gayle

Los Angeles