It’s Funny How T.J. Always Gets a Reaction

It is amazing how many readers find T.J. Simers so distasteful. Really, all he’s doing is writing about grown men playing kids’ games for obscene amounts of money, poking fun at them, occasionally good-humoredly. After all, it’s only a game, and the losers don’t get shot in the morning. So, lighten up, you T.J. bashers, laugh when he’s funny, and don’t when he’s not.

Murray Lamishaw

Laguna Woods

I was surprised to read several letters objecting to an article by T.J. Simers. Your readers should have done what I did months ago and quit reading what he writes. It appeared he was attempting to be witty but only got halfway there -- resulting in a column of half-witty statements.


I admit that I occasionally glance at his “last word” hoping it will be.

William Bunyan