With Support Like This, We Don’t Have a Team?

The Raiders averaged around 50,000 fans a weekend in the early ‘90s along with the Rams averaging around 40,000. Combined, that’s about 90,000 and both of those teams were pretty lousy at the time.

Now what’s the lesson here? L.A. can definitely support a team, just not two at the same time. I doubt any of the cities that blast L.A. fans could do that, with the obvious exception of New York. L.A. should have an NFL team and will, provided that politics doesn’t ruin things again.

Back the Rose Bowl, it’s the only viable stadium option. Get your act together, build it and they will come back.

Devin J Kuberski




On May 24, I read some letters that opposed our reentry into the NFL. I am an Angeleno, a lifelong pro football fan and I would like to have the opportunity to go see a football game in someplace other than San Diego or the Bay Area.

I think my thinking on this matter represents most of us here in Los Angeles. It is unfortunate that all you hear are the negatives and the naysayers.

Ted Dinou

North Hollywood


Until now the issue of having an NFL team in L.A. has given rise to the voices of the ill-informed, casual observers and obstructionists. Truly passionate fans of pro football in this city are only now being heard and I, for one, have this to say:


1. I want a team in L.A. and I support the stadium efforts in Pasadena and Carson.

2. If you’re a professional complainer who doesn’t see this as a priority, please keep your mouth shut now and stay out of the ticket line in years to come.

3. If you are among the thousands here who grew up with the game and await its return home, I’ll see you at the stadium some glorious Sunday afternoon.

Kevin Jackson




We already have a football stadium in Los Angeles, it’s the Home Depot Center in Carson, home of the Los Angeles Galaxy. I’ve just been to the stadium viewing; it’s beautiful, it’s ours, and it cost the taxpayers nothing.

Let the NFL take their circus elsewhere, their champagne wishes and caviar dreams just ain’t welcome in our town.


Shannon Joseph Cream