Stowaway on Jet Enters Guilty Plea

From Associated Press

A former shipping clerk pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to shipping himself from New York to Dallas in a wooden cargo crate.

Charles D. McKinley, 25, pleaded guilty to stowing away on a cargo jet, a misdemeanor.

The possible punishment ranges from probation to a year in prison and up to a $100,000 fine when he is sentenced Feb. 4.

McKinley declined to comment after the 20-minute hearing. His attorney Bill Glaspy said he advised McKinley to plead guilty because "he told what he did to every newspaper and television station in the country, I think."

The plea was not part of a plea bargain, said U.S. Atty. Fred Schattman.

McKinley's trial had been set for Monday. He had previously agreed to have U.S. Magistrate Charles Bleil hear the case rather than a jury or a federal district judge.

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