U.S. Soldier Killed in Eastern Afghanistan

From Times Wire Services

A U.S. special operations soldier was killed Friday when his vehicle struck an explosive device in eastern Afghanistan, the U.S. Central Command said.

The soldier died near Asadabad in Kunar province, where U.S.-led coalition forces launched a large operation a week ago.

His name was withheld pending notification of his family, the Central Command said in a statement from its headquarters in Tampa, Fla.

The coalition launched Operation Mountain Resolve a week ago in Nuristan and Kunar provinces, which border the region that includes Jalalabad.

Earlier, an Afghan military official said Afghan forces killed four suspected Islamic militants who tried to overrun a government base Thursday night in Khowst province near the Pakistani border.

On Wednesday, at least four Afghans were killed and three were hurt when their car was blown up by a remote-controlled bomb apparently intended for a U.S. vehicle.

The U.S. military continues to fight guerrillas described as remnants of the ousted Taliban regime and Al Qaeda followers.

Helicopters and warplanes have been flying for several days from Bagram air base into Nuristan, to offer air support to ground troops and warn them of dangers ahead, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported from the base. The Air Force has diverted aircraft from Iraq to the operation, the BBC said.

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