When Duties Conflict, Kids Should Win

Re "Military Mom May Face Court-Martial," Nov. 12: There really is no choice for Spc. Simone Holcomb to do anything other than protect her children and family as she has opted to do. Fortunately, the command structure at Ft. Carson, Colo., is sensitive to the real world and is attempting to accommodate this family that has strongly demonstrated its patriotism and commitment to serving in Iraq.

I have major concerns about the judgment of her commanding officer in Iraq. Someone needs to remind him that Americans place family values high on the list of priorities that are a primary reason our troops are committed to serving in the armed forces. What American faced with the "Sophie's choice" of losing seven children would be so blind as to the only true choice available to Spc. Holcomb?

Ira M. Landis

Los Angeles


I think we need to have this commander in Iraq identified and relieved of his command. Anyone who believes it would be better for a parent to remain on duty in a war zone and abandon her children doesn't have the moral and ethical fiber to lead our troops. If we really have a president who is a "compassionate conservative" (whatever that means), then he needs to step in and put an end to this nonsense.

Gary Swearingen


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