Pushing the limit is now even harder

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The classic push-up is a simple, effective and convenient way to increase strength in your upper body; using a Bosu ball or a wobble board makes it more challenging. By engaging your core muscles (your abdominals and back) to help you balance, you'll get more out of the exercise. For an easier version, you can modify it by doing knee push-ups on a padded surface.


1 Place your hands on the outside edges of the platform, making sure your hands are directly below your shoulders. Balance on your toes with straight legs (for an easier version of the exercise, bend your knees and kneel on a padded surface). Tighten your abdominals and keep your back in a straight line.

2 Inhale as you slowly lower your body until your chest comes close to the platform. Do not let your lower back sway downward. Pause for a moment at the bottom of the push-up. Exhale and slowly raise your body to the starting position. Perform as many push-ups as you can with proper form, rest for 30 seconds and do a second set.

-- Karen Voight

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