An Unjust Comment on Taiwanese Children

As a concerned Taiwanese American, I must bring a quote by Mary Jane Butters in "The Rise of a 'Rural Martha Stewart' " (Nov. 12) to your attention:

"We're going to resurrect those nearly extinct domestic skills so we are not always buying things produced by a child in Taiwan."

Taiwan is a developed country with a skilled workforce specializing in cutting-edge technology. Yet we are being painted in an extremely negative picture as a Third World backwater where our children are slaving away in factories.

Our children do produce, but instead of producing things at a factory as the quote alleges, they are working hard at schools to get a better education and to get to top-notch colleges.

This quote is a slap on the face of all 23 million Taiwanese who pride themselves on their education system and their leading role in the world of computer technology. This comment is filled with racist overtone.

Jerry Tseng

Costa Mesa

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