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Outdoors Editor

Burn this


Crumple it

under a pyre

of broken pallets

after a twilight surf

session at Hunting-

ton Beach or jam it

under pine twigs after

kayaking across Huntington

Lake. Then strike a match and

kick back with a plate of grilled Spam

or tofu flambe and talk to family and

friends about what you read: stories that made you think, made you mad or propelled you out the door to explore a trail, take a risk, get better acquainted with a son, daughter, spouse, friend or springer spaniel.

The section won’t be for everyone (Wiffle ball and badminton enthusiasts have to take a hike). But it will reflect the wild spectrum of Southern California outdoor passions and, we hope, spur spirited conversations among all of us who appreciate and play in nature.

Our “Outdoors,” in short, will celebrate reverie and revelry sans ceilings.

(Note to bass fishermen: “Sans” is European for “without no.”)

(Note to fly fishermen: To revel is to frolic about, having something called “fun.”)

We hope you enjoy this issue. We hope you read it beside a creek or deep in a slick rock canyon. And even if you don’t use it as campfire fuel, we hope it ignites a restlessness -- in your mind and your muscles.