Advertisement to Stop Offering Porn

From Associated Press

The website -- one of the best examples that the Internet isn’t always what it seems -- is getting out of the pornography business.

Its owner says he’s worried what his preschool-age son might think.

“He’ll be going to kindergarten next year,” said Daniel Parisi, who added that his son’s classmates might taunt him about the business.

Parisi, 44, started in 1997 and has used it to advertise pictures of “hot interns” and “first ladies.” It has frequently been confused with the official government site,


The decision to sell the name and derivations comes amid signs of a rebound in the market for reselling Web addresses. A Florida man sold in December for $1.3 million.

Parisi said he did not know how much the names would fetch. He said the Whitehouse .com site, which was operated by a European firm that leased the Web addresses from him, took in more than $1 million in revenue each year. He also said he had invested more than $7 million since 1997.

Parisi has at least one potential buyer. Bob Roberts of National Fruit Product Co., which makes White House applesauce and apple juice, said he would contact Parisi to discuss a deal.