Butch rocks

In responding to Booth Moore's article ("Dressed-Up Diversity," Feb. 8) regarding the "lesbian fashion chic" on display in Showtime's "The L Word," let me say Frye-boot-wearing butches went out when androgyny and Timberlines came in -- sometime in the '80s.

Fashion aficionados who think butches have no fashion sense and aren't worthy of television representation are just wrong!

In fact, without the few fringe butches on "The L Word," there would be no heat, regardless of how much the girls kiss each other.

In fact, the only gal to bring any sizzle to the "L" tribe is the character Marina, wonderfully played by Karina Lombard who is, according to my random poll of both femmes and butches, the favorite character on the show.

Why? Because she is curvy, sultry and aggressive. Butch, baby, butch.

The truth is there is nothing sexier, hotter or more chic than a sweaty woman in a beefy sleeveless T, with some 501s, a tool belt and hot pink Timberlines. Of course, there is nothing more threatening either.

Surely there is room on the television runway for a fashion-conscious, real L.A. dyke.

Nancy Rosenblum

Los Angeles


"The L Word" is a show about lesbians in L.A. and fashion in L.A. is being called an L.A. version of "Sex in the City," and the costume department was sent to the Beverly Center for "wardrobe research."

What's wrong with this picture?

It shoots in Vancouver, Canada. As an American, I'll never watch this show.

Lindy S. Hudis

Santa Monica

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