Music even the ‘Fab Five’ would approve of

It’s a new year. New horizons call. And if you’re a certain kind of man, one looking to evolve toward a well-rounded “Fab Five” state, perhaps you’ve flipped through Michael Flocker’s “The Metrosexual Guide to Style,” recently published by Pantheon. The book, enjoying a stay on The Times’ bestseller list, offers guidance on matters from grooming to art: appreciation of.

Here, a taste of its “have no fear” advice on music:

“Hopefully, by this point in life you have emerged from your head-banger phase and are open to some more varied musical options. If not, just play along. You see, the music that you surround yourself with can be considered the soundtrack to your life, and whether you are lounging at home ... or seducing a gorgeous little number in your love nest, ambience counts. Temporary obsessions, new discoveries and guilty pop pleasures are part of everyone’s existence and make life fun and varied. Therefore, you should never question your own tastes and you should enjoy whatever music floats your boat. But beyond the angry anthems of hostile young men and the fluffy confections thrust upon the world by ex-Mouseketeers, there is a world of music out there, both old and new, so keep your ears open....

“Don’t pretend to like things you don’t. That’s pointless. But the more music you expose yourself to, the more likely you are to find a variety of music that really speaks to you. And you can always sell back the duds.”


Among the book’s suggestions for your collection: “Buena Vista Social Club,” Ry Cooder; “Chet Baker in Paris,” Chet Baker; “Du Jass Dans Le Ravin,” Serge Gainsbourg; “The Mission: Soundtrack,” Ennio Morricone; “Vertigo,” Groove Armada; “Parachutes,” Coldplay.

“You may not always love what you hear,” the book notes, “but you’ll ... have something to talk about at cocktail parties or on your next date.”