Drawing Lessons From Romeo’s Plight

Re “It’s No Love Story for This Romeo,” Dec. 13:

Tara DiGiovanni pays $4,000 for a cat and then allows it to “roam free during the day while she was at work.” Not only that, but the cat was not neutered, so it had the ability to get any unspayed female cat pregnant, adding to an already overburdened cat population. Now she’s filing a lawsuit for damages?

Jeers to The Times for giving her any credence. I adopted my cat from a shelter for less than $100, and he was fixed before he came home with me. Still, I wouldn’t dream of letting him roam outside in a world full of cars, coyotes and other such dangers. I do feel sorry for poor Romeo. He needs to be removed from that woman’s possession and placed in a loving and protected environment.

Barbara J. Stroud


Anaheim Hills


In three letters in the editorial section on the issues of someone neutering someone else’s free-roaming cat and the consequences of uncontrolled and unneutered cats, terms such as “overpopulation,” “totally irresponsible,” “overpopulation ... in today’s world” were used.

Having had the time to remember this topic today, as I was once again stuck in traffic with the rest of our own unhappy and multiplying lemming herd of road-ragers, kind of made me think that this emphasis on neutering should soon apply to two legged “overpopulators.”

Ron Romanosky