Post Office Stamps Out Hussein

From Reuters

Deposed President Saddam Hussein’s image was erased from another segment of Iraqi life Saturday as new postage stamps were unveiled at the main post office in the capital.

Officials said members of the Iraqi Governing Council chose the new designs, which follow a theme of ancient transport, depicting horse-drawn carriages, camel trains and boats. The five new designs will go on sale this week, ending almost 25 years in which almost every stamp depicted Hussein.

“I think they’re great,” postal worker Leila Khadar said. “It makes a nice change because Saddam’s face was everywhere -- not just on stamps.”

Officials with the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority said its top official, L. Paul Bremer III, would use the stamps Saturday to send a letter to the White House. Officials said it should arrive in about four days.


Iraq’s postal system was one of the first institutions to get up and running after the war, although much of the infrastructure was destroyed by looters.

“Our postmen often have to deliver letters by bicycle or even on foot,” said Ibrahim Khudair of the Ministry of Communication.

The new national postage rate is about 3 cents -- twice what it was before the U.S.-led invasion.