Forget Your Troubles; It’s a Beautiful Moon

Re “Bush to Propose Moon Base and Manned Mission to Mars,” Jan. 9: There is a practice in fishing called “chumming,” whereby the fisherman tosses chunks of smelly bait overboard in the hopes of attracting large schools of fish and scooping them up during their feeding frenzy. In view of Bush’s recent proposals regarding immigration, and now, for even more ambitious space exploration -- in spite of the unsolved problems that already exist -- I can only surmise that this White House is developing a new pastime: chumming to the masses so as to distract from the real issues and garner votes.

Christina Waldeck




Bush wants to build a permanent base on the moon, does he? Is this because his billionaire cronies will need a place to live once Bush’s short-sighted economic and environmental policies finally render our country completely uninhabitable?

Daniel Epstein

Los Angeles