It’s Time for the Iraqis to Rule Themselves


I know I am not the only Republican who wishes that President Bush would quit shooting himself in the foot over this dead-end situation in Iraq. The various religions and factions in the Middle East have been killing one another for centuries. There is no reason why they should stop now.

Come June 30, most Americans would like the president to say to the people of Iraq: “We have done all we can do for you. We got rid of the mass killer, Saddam Hussein, and his murdering sons, plus made vast improvements in innumerable local and governmental services. Now it’s time for you to rule yourselves.”

Robert L. West


As a 78-year-old Latino who has been a Republican all my adult life, I want to make two observations: First, Bush is doing the best job he can. I know it isn’t much, but it is the best he can do. Second, unlike Richard Nixon, who despite his faults had the best understanding of foreign policy of any president, Bush hasn’t a clue as to what is going on. Since I could never be a Democrat, I’m thinking of reregistering as an independent.


Raymond Rodriguez

Long Beach

King Abdullah II of Jordan is correct when he says that Iraq needs a strongman to govern the country (Commentary, May 27). Like Yugoslavia under Tito, Iraq’s population consists of different sects, tribes and factions. The only way they can be governed is by a strongman selected from the ranks of the military. Hopefully one can be found until peace and order are restored. To believe that a democracy such as ours can be achieved there is like believing in Santa Claus.

Saul Mathalon

Woodland Hills

It seems strange to me that we want democracy for our “enemies” but do not for our “friends” -- Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, etc.

Dan Levin

Los Angeles

Regarding the stepped-up hunt for seven terrorism suspects and the likelihood of Al Qaeda-supported attacks against America this summer:

One of President Bush’s principal reasons for war with Iraq was that Saddam Hussein had close ties with Al Qaeda: We would fight the terrorists on their turf; not ours. It turns out that none of the major Al Qaeda members so far named, including the 9/11 suicide pilots and the recently announced seven, are Iraqi.

Doug Bowler

Laguna Beach