A better basting brushAll the irritating drawbacks...

A better basting brush

All the irritating drawbacks of using a conventional brush to baste food on the grill have been addressed in the design of this 11-inch, whiz-kid silicone bristle brush. It won’t scorch because it withstands temperatures of up to 500 degrees. It won’t shed its bristles. And it has a collar to rest on that prevents sauce puddles.

Drip-Less basting brush, $7.99 from Cookin’ Stuff, Torrance, and Rains, Ojai, or $8.25 from

Plus-size flat skewers


Among the best new grilling accessories we’ve seen are these 12-inch-long flat bamboo skewers. Food won’t slip or spin as it does on regular ones, so barbecuing skewers of generous chunks of beef, jumbo shrimp or portabellos is a snap.

Natural bamboo grilling skewers, package of 25 for $4.95 from Sur la Table.

Sturdy and chic

These stainless steel paper-plate holders raise the backyard style quotient and lower the hassle factor. And they’re dishwasher safe.


Endurance stainless steel paper-plate holders 2 for $10.95 from Sur la Table.

-- Donna Deane