Without Outsourcing, We Would Go Without

The difficulty in recruiting workers highlights the paradox in our perception of the unemployment picture.

As our society becomes more affluent, it is not surprising that more of us are expecting more rewarding jobs outside of factory work. This also points out the nonsensical rhetoric over the cost of outsourcing on our economy.

In fact, if we do not outsource at all, we would likely end up with shortages in nearly every consumable product or service imaginable. The situation is even more dire in the healthcare field, where thousands of nursing positions are begging for applicants.

Even in my own small medical practice, a newspaper ad seeking a medical assistant elicited only a handful of responses, and only one applicant actually showed up for the job interview. This lone applicant accepted a different job later that day,


If there are not enough workers wanting jobs in the manufacturing sector, stopping outsourcing will only inflict tremendous hardship on our quality of life while adding nothing to our economy.

Dr. John T. Chiu

Newport Beach