Ashcroft’s Potential Successor: for Better or Worse?

You criticize President Bush’s attorney general nominee, Alberto Gonzales (editorial, Nov. 11), stating that he wrote a memo “arguing that suspected terrorists captured in Afghanistan were not subject to protections under the Geneva Convention.” The Geneva Convention was designed to protect uniformed soldiers and civilians. Terrorists are not soldiers nor do they care about killing innocent civilians. They do not fall under the Geneva Convention’s protection. Perhaps when you see terrorists at your doorstep you will have a change of opinion.

Gaston Serrato

Rowland Heights


Perfect! Gonzales, who found the Geneva Convention “quaint,” and who masterminded justification of torture, will now administer the American justice system. What’s next? [Faith healer] Benny Hinn as surgeon general?

Dan Freedland

Rolling Hills Estates


In spite of its partisan overtones, the impending promotion of the first Hispanic to the position of attorney general by a Republican administration ought to be a sobering reminder to Democrats who insist on portraying the other party as a cartel of racist and elitist thugs. No doubt they will make it their job now to tarnish the reputation of this candidate and question the administration’s motives as politics as usual. You see, the manner in which Democrats view those in the opposition is akin to the way Iraqi insurgents view those they are fighting against. It matters not that those laboring on the other side are native sons or foreigners; for all intents and purposes they are, first and foremost, infidels.


Miguel A. Guanipa

Whitinsville, Mass.


I wasn’t too excited when Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft resigned because I figured it meant Bush would nominate someone even more reprehensible. So we get Gonzales, who advocates the abandonment of the Geneva Convention. No wonder there are many people who think something is rotten in America.

Eugene R. Wytrykus

Sierra Madre


How ironic to hear Ashcroft declare that “the objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved” on the day he resigns and a federal judge stops proceedings against a terrorist that his department was prosecuting. Is this an example of saying something so often it seems real?

Phillip Hain



From bad to worse we go. I certainly welcome Ashcroft’s resignation because he treated our civil liberties as little more than an annoyance and fluid indeed. However, Gonzales, a man who justifies torture, if not outright advocates it, has no place in our government.

Gary E. Kaminski

Buena Vista, Pa.