Angelina Jolie’s Latest Movie Role: Accent on the Inscrutable

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The debate currently raging in Hollywood is: What is the accent used by snake-bedecked Angelina Jolie as the Macedonian mum in the movie “Alexander”? The critics have a variety of theories:

“An accent that seems to have been borrowed from George Hamilton in ‘Love at First Bite’ ... " (Associated Press, referring to Hamilton’s Dracula role)

“Some sort of Germanic accent.” (Indianapolis Star)

“Some wacky Natasha Fatale accent.” (Long Beach Press-Telegram, alluding to the Russian secret agent of TV’s “Rocky and Bullwinkle”)


“Part Yiddish mama and part Natasha.” (New York Times)

There is, however, no disagreement over the accent of Irish-born Colin Farrell, the title star. He plays the Macedonian king with a fine brogue.

Write 100 times on the blackboard ... : A spy at one community college (not Natasha Fatale) relayed a spelling-challenged announcement (see accompanying).

More food for thought: “Where did they dig up that turkey?” asked Shirley Levinson of La Mirada, referring to a menu item she spotted (see accompanying).


Similar to a Big Mac attack? While visiting her family up north in Novato, Joan Thompson of Whittier came across this police blotter item: “An employee of a business on Redwood Boulevard reported there was a disgruntled customer waiting for him outside.... The caller said the customer wanted to beat the employee up because the business did not make a ‘Whopper with cheese.’ ”

Who says clergymen can’t be humorous? Not so the members of a group discovered by Charlotte Lightfoot of La Habra (see accompanying).

Crimes of the season: The Saddleback Valley News said a Mission Viejo resident “reported his car trunk had been dented with a pumpkin.” The Huntington Beach Wave, meanwhile, said a resident “reported that someone took his inflatable turkey sometime during the night.”

Sour note? Did you see what the editors of Rolling Stone chose as the “greatest song of all time”? “Like a Rolling Stone,” by Bob Dylan. Gee, no self-promotion of their own publication, right?

I guess if the magazine founded by Henry Luce put out a similar list, it would choose “Time Is on My Side” by the Rolling Stones.

And, of course, if that other Luce magazine known for its photos had a list, No. 1 would be “That’s Life,” sung by Frank Sinatra.

miscelLAny: Dick Harmon of San Juan Capistrano saw a sign that read, “Smoking on Sundeck Only.” But even a three-pack-a-day smoker might think twice about heading up there. In this case, the sign was on a bus.