TLC for local lands

Living Lightly in Our Watersheds: A Guide for Residents of the Arroyo Seco Watershed and Surrounding Communities North East Trees, free

Although all land is part of a watershed, most urban dwellers probably don't know what one is. Yet how we deal with rainfall that runs from our mountains to the sea will ultimately determine quality of life in this region. This small resource guide makes clear why smothering the Earth in pavement is not a good idea. More important, it offers grass-roots tactics to reverse or avert such problems as water pollution, loss of open space and destruction of habitat.

Prepared by a local urban forestry organization, "Living Lightly in Our Watersheds" includes a fold-out map, "what to do" lists, tips for homeowners and gardeners, volunteer opportunities and resources. In short, what a person needs to turn the world greener, in simple terms and with eye-catching graphics.

While geared toward Arroyo Seco residents, its resources are L.A. city and county inclusive. For a copy, call (323) 441-8634 or go to


-- Lili Singer

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