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Surfing the Web for new music, video and MP3 downloads can be a serious time investment. Picks from Times staff and contributors will help take the drag out of click-and-drag music choices. Some downloads may contain explicit lyrics. All are free, except as noted.

Chris Lee


“Lazy Sunday”

Chris Parnell & Andy Samberg


“Saturday Night Live” regulars Parnell and Samberg trade raps with a surprisingly credible gangsta flow that’s undercut only by their subject matter -- eating cupcakes, using and answering “Friends” trivia en route to a matinee of “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

“Rock and Roll Evacuation”

Electric Six



In the vein of Tenacious D’s musically virtuosic alt-rock comedy, the Six crafted this stadium-worthy guitar workout that includes the lyrical couplet: “Mr. President, make a little money sending people you don’t know to Iraq / Mr. President, I don’t like you -- you don’t know how to rock!”

“Wicked Light Sleepers”

The Joggers

Credit the Joggers’ casually synchronous rhythm section for “Sleepers’ ” delicate yet muscular indie rock groove with its analog echoes of Dinosaur Jr. and late ‘70s Blondie.

” ... Mixtape Boombox Blast”

Aziz Ansari


This cringe-inducing video chronicles New York stand-up comic Ansari’s penance for losing a challenge to create the worst pop song mix-tape. He wanders crowded streets armed with a giant CD player blasting triumphantly terrible music from Limp Bizkit, Gloria Estefan, Sarah MacLachlan and LFO.


“Lovin’ It

(featuring Joe Scudda)”

Little Brother

North Carolina’s rap purists use the first single from their self-described “ ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit"-filled concept album, “The Minstrel Show,” to admonish unworthy MC competition over a quality soul sample and one of the sweetest R&B; hooks of the year.

“No Good (dame dame)”



Proving ghetto-fabulosity transcends all national borders -- and can exist even in Hello Kitty’s universe -- Tokyo’s answer to Foxy Brown rhymes strong over a pared down Neptunes-esque beat in this Pop Art-y video.