Retreads feel stale

RE “Hollywood Should Rewrite Own Script,” [by John Horn, Dec. 26]: Today I forked out some hard-earned cash with my family at the movie theater. We were, as usual, bombarded with a string of previews and ads prior to the show, and I couldn’t help but notice that only two of them were for original movies. In fact, we were there to see another remake, Peter Jackson’s “King Kong.”

On the way out, posters enthusiastically announced what else was in store for us: “Miami Vice,” “M:I:3,” “Superman,” “Underworld II,” “The Pink Panther,” “Ice Age 2,” “The Producers,” the list goes on. I had no urge whatsoever to go back, and I was saddened to feel that way. Going to the movies is what inspired me to make my own.

I certainly hope that the studios really are reflecting on why the same old formula isn’t working anymore. Being a screenwriter, it is especially frustrating to see the tripe that makes it to production these days. My humble advice to the studios is this: There are fresh, original stories out there; please don’t be afraid to use them. Your audiences will thank you for it.


Arvada, Colo.