Tribunal Issues Video of Hussein’s Lieutenants

From Associated Press

The Iraqi tribunal investigating members of Saddam Hussein’s regime released a videotape Sunday showing two of the ousted dictator’s half-brothers being questioned about their alleged role in displacing and killing Kurds.

The Iraqi Special Tribunal also stressed that it was the only body authorized to set a start date for Hussein’s trial, trying to end speculation fueled by recent comments from members of the Shiite Muslim-led government.

Barzan Ibrahim Hassan Tikriti, Hussein’s half-brother and advisor, was one of six people on the 15-minute video, which showed them being questioned. The tape had no audio.


Also seen was Tikriti’s brother, Watban Ibrahim Hassan, also a former presidential advisor.

Both men, who share the same mother as Hussein but had a different father, wore light blue jumpsuits in the video.

It was the fourth videotape to be released this month, including one showing the former dictator, also without audio.

The third video showed Hussein’s cousin, former Gen. Ali Hassan Majid, who is known as “Chemical Ali” for his alleged role in a 1988 chemical weapons attack on a Kurdish village.