Cartoon on Schiavo Case Draws Reactions

Re “Opinions Split on Feeding Tube,” March 28: Execution of serial rapists and mass murderers by starving them to death would be decried as being cruel and unusual punishment under federal and state constitutions. Instead, we end the lives of death row inmates by humane lethal injection. Yet we force Terri Schiavo to endure further indignant suffering, even when her death has been mandated by our highest court. Should we not start treating innocent and helpless members of our society at least as humanely as those who we have decided are not fit to live among us?

Kelly McSpadden



Re the Michael Ramirez editorial cartoon, March 29: As usual, commentator via cartoon Ramirez is over the top. Death is an inseparable part of existence. The rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” include, or should include, the right to die rather than have life needlessly and senselessly prolonged. No sane person would wish to live under the circumstances Terri Schiavo has endured these past many years. Her parents have exhibited selfishness in the mindless pursuit of maintaining their daughter in a persistent vegetative state, giving no consideration to what their daughter would want were she able to communicate.

Louis H. Nevell

Los Angeles


Ramirez expresses his belief that all persons, particularly Terri Schiavo, have the right to life in his March 29 cartoon, yet in his March 3 cartoon, he states his discontent for California’s refusal to allow the death penalty to be applied to minors.


Funny, indeed.

Nick Kobliska

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Thank you, Mr. Ramirez, for reminding us of the uncompromising truth that America was founded upon. I’m so sad judicial arrogance has displaced a love for life of the helpless.

David Burks

Manhattan Beach