Tattoos as Lasting Pieces of Art

Dan Neil’s column on tattoos only referred to a small percentage of the approximately 20% of Americans who have tattoos (“Britney Forever,” 800 Words, Aug. 14). It’s undeniable that there are people who have received tattoos while love-struck or in a drunken stupor (although reputable tattoo shops will not tattoo someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol), but Neil failed to mention anything about the people who get tattooed only after they have dedicated a lot of time to considering their choice of art.

Many people get tattooed because they appreciate tattooing as an art--and not because it’s a trend. Unlike artwork that hangs on a wall or sits in a gallery, a tattoo can never be stolen or sold. A tattoo is forever, and most people who get tattooed realize this. Though their tastes may change, the tattoo will always be a reminder of where they were in their life when they received it.

Christie Lombard

Simi Valley



Regarding the young man at a Nine Inch Nails concert who had an enormous NIN tattoo, I was thinking he could save himself the money and discomfort of laser removal and just add “NY” as another tattoo: NINNY.

Valen Adcock

Via the Internet