Capitol Police Seek to Arrest Lawmaker

From the Associated Press

U.S. Capitol Police sought an arrest warrant Monday for Rep. Cynthia A. McKinney after sources said she tangled with a uniformed officer last week. A spokesman for U.S. Atty. Kenneth L. Wainstein said he was reviewing the case.

“We are working with Capitol Hill police to fully understand and appreciate the incident,” said Channing Phillips, spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington.

McKinney framed the matter in terms of race. “The issue is racial profiling,” McKinney, who is black, told CNN.

Neither Phillips nor the police department would say what charge was being sought against the six-term Georgia Democrat or when any warrant for her arrest might be issued.


In a statement, Capitol Police said it had “referred its investigative findings to the U.S. attorney.” Filing such an affidavit is the first step in obtaining an arrest warrant. Only if Wainstein approves the affidavit can Capitol Police officials ask a judge to issue the arrest warrant.

Wainstein could clear the way for a warrant. He also could decline to go forward with the case.

McKinney spokesman Coz Carson acknowledged the investigation.

“We’re aware that the wheels are turning in Washington,” Carson said. “We will make the appropriate statement and take the appropriate action once we know where they’re going.”

Several police sources said McKinney, 51, scuffled with a police officer March 29 when she entered a House office building without her identifying lapel pin and did not stop when asked.

The sources said the officer asked her three times to stop. When she kept going, he placed a hand somewhere on her and she hit him, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.