Traumatic, but rib-tickling too

OK, I admit it -- a newspaper column has to be really funny to make me laugh out loud ["The New Dating-World Disorder," Dec. 7].

As a nice, normal guy with, alas, way too much experience dating traumatized thirtysomething women, I was in hysterics over Samantha Bonar's piece. Well done!

Especially loved the

comments of her friends/colleagues about how to handle a PTRD Moment. To these I would add advice given to me by my wise (and humorous) sister. When a nice, normal guy encounters PTRD [post-traumatic relationship disorder] he must be armed with a smile -- and two flashcards to whip out at crucial moments. The first: "I wasn't that guy!" The second: "Get over it!"


Studio City


Just so you know -- this PTRD happens to fiftysomething women too -- symptom for symptom. So glad to see someone write about it!

As soon as these symptoms occur, my solution has been to (a) talk to my "committee" of friends, (b) don't say anything -- until it passes. Also, these symptoms, I've found, indicate you've found someone so wonderful it scares the hell out of you. "Dwell on the wonderful part" is now my motto.


Studio City

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