Mouthing off about bad kisses

That was a good story on kissing, but it was one-sided! ["Loose Lips May Sink (Relation) Ships," Jan. 5.]

I am a senior citizen, 66 years old, single and male and have had two experiences with the opposite sex in 2005 that compare to your story of women kissing men.

First woman I met in 2005 was the Washing Machine: scared the heck out of me. Couldn't figure what she was trying to do ... she was 63. The second woman I met on a cruise in December. She tasted like the bottom of an ashtray.

Enjoyed your column but feel you should give us men a chance for a rebuttal.



After reading about 20 pages of Rose Bowl analysis, it was nice to read something that did not concern football.

As a single man over 50 who really enjoys kissing, regretfully 2005 was not a good year. However, I have great hopes for 2006!

Kissing is something to be enjoyed, savored and certainly not rushed. As Rhett Butler told Scarlett O'Hara, "You need to be kissed, and often, by someone who knows how!"


San Pedro


Your article just cracked me up! The worst kisser I ever dated was in my freshman year in college, almost 20 years ago! It was like kissing a vacuum (your name for it). I don't think any other person before or after him was ever that awful or was as short-lived.

Thanks for making me laugh, remembering those awful dating days!



I loved your kissing article. The women of the world thank you ... or at least all of us in Los Angeles do.


Los Angeles

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